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The New World Leader in Catalyst Testing

TThis revolutionary product family artificially, accurately and highly-efficiently recreates engine exhaust gas composition, flow rates and temperatures to provide safe, repeatable catalyst testing and aging capability that replicates engine dynamometer-based testing and aging.

Unique patented technology ensures energy focused on the catalyst only, minimizing waste through extensive recycling and regeneration of energy resulting in maxcat using 90% less energy than engine based catalyst testing.

As a result Catagen testing equipment produces 90% lower emissions than engine based catalyst testing.

Catagen's testing and aging solutions deliver significant reductions in operating costs with an increase in testing flexibility and agility.

With full installation, operational training and technical support provided by Catagen's expert team, the Catagen systems integrate seamlessly into your testing environment.

With maxcat, testcat & labcat, Catagen have a range of products to suit your catalyst testing and aging needs.

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